Faculty of Applied Science (FAS)

Dean’s Welcome Message

Dean's welcome message

The Faculty of Applied Sciences is a major stake of the C. K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences and a unique faculty that is sensitive to the development and societal needs of our time.

The faculty focuses on teaching, learning and research in science in accordance with the mandate of the university, and operates with the university’s vision. We will strive to maintain the faculty as a centre of excellence and citadel of scientific and industrial development knowledge.

The Faculty currently has three (3) departments; the Department of Applied Biology, Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry, Department of Applied Physics as well as a Water Hygiene and Sanitation (WASH) Unit. Study programmes currently in the faculty include Teaching and Research in both basic and applied sciences at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

We train science graduates who are essential for the development of the country and the world at large. Our students blend theory with practical science based training and graduate with skills that can help drive development efforts. They learn to be creative and innovative enough to apply their acquired skills in solving societal problems through the application of scientific principles. The versatility of our graduates and their ability to adapt to diverse environments continue to be the admiration of many.

Our curriculum is an envy of many and we shall continue to sustain this through collaboration with industry and other relevant stakeholders. We are poised not only to continue with what we have but also to introduce additional innovative training programmes for our students.

We have qualified academic and administrative staff who deliver quality tuition and administrative protocols that make our brand of graduates unique and more competitive on the job market and very relevant to the development dynamics of the time.

We will strive to maintain standards and stay responsive to changing needs and increasing demands of industry for applied scientists.

On this humble note, I wish to welcome you into our midst: The Dean, lecturers and all our support staff are always there for you. Do get in touch with us on our various handles which are all available on our university’s website.